Sonic Forces Review/Thoughts


Finished Sonic Forces and as my first experience with the final version of the game, in the end it’s a 7.5/10 for me. Not amazing, not horrible, just average to decent at best and this is coming from an optimistic veteran Sonic fan. Idk if Sonic Forces would even be a good starting point in the series, since its level designs are mostly hit or miss and there’s a ton of automation in the levels, it’s kinda like an interactive movie tbh and less like a video game in terms of finishing the game regularly, as I haven’t played the game enough outside of the story to consider it otherwise. Sonic Forces appeals to the fans and it really did its job for the most part, giving us the option to create our own avatar and experience the game’s war drama style story with our own character that we can place ourselves into(In my case a Wolf hehe). There was plenty of awesome moments, times where I laughed my ass off(especially with Infinite’s portrayal he’s pretty great) and the writing, especially for the dialogue was actually pretty nice.

Infinite Gif

The plot itself isn’t really amazing, for Sonic standards tho it’s at least one of the best up there with Sonic Adventure, Adventure 2, Unleashed and Black Knight, it was written fairly well for one and I was pleasantly intrigued by it, especially in the Episode Shadow DLC. I think it kinda falls flat by the third act tho and I believe this was mainly the problem when it came to the execution of the boss battles, all of them weren’t exactly the best and are repetitive af, you dodge shit, you boost into stuff and you just hit them over and over with an homing attack. There’s a couple of bosses that I found to be pretty awesome and at least enjoyable(One Infinite boss in particular I thought was pretty cool), but the final boss especially was just underwhelming especially in execution it just wasn’t much fun and it’s probably because of how automated and stiff it felt in the final phase of the battle at least. Overall, Sonic Forces is a game that I enjoyed, but I’m severely disappointed in the execution of all the awesome ideas that was incorporated into the game and I’m serious, I’m not saying this out of hate for Sonic, because I even have my guilty pleasure Sonic games like Sonic 06 and Shadow the Hedgehog, but a game we waited four years for and it doesn’t exactly show in the general design of the game. I was skeptically optimistic about Sonic Forces, since there was the level design beforehand that I was especially worried about and playing the game for the most part the level designs really don’t live up to the standards defined by Colors, Generations and Unleashed, Sonic Forces is easily the worst out of the boost formula games. That won’t stop me from enjoying these levels again tho and at least exploring my favorites to get a better feel for them, and with all of the avatar customization and extra content, I’m still compelled to continue playing the game, buy it if you’re a fan, but lower your expectations, disappointment awaits…


My PSN Username Origin

Years back, I’m on my PS3 Slim and in the process of making my PSN Online ID I was trying to make a master account you see and for some damn reason I was trying to make it with my mom in mind! For some damn reason, I’m making a master account for mom and she doesn’t fucking play video games! Why?! Idk, what my thought process was then *smh*. With the master account, my mom would be in control, since she’s the adult and I’m the child LMAO. So, I would be the fucking sub-account *cough*.

I create the online ID for the master account with a username that would fit mom, which gave birth to Car23457, since it wasn’t anything too crazy and it had the first three letters in my mom’s name, Carolyn and a weird assortment of numbers that I can easily remember, took me a while to remember those numbers by heart though lol. I decide to create the sub-account for ME and I remember it not working, I guess since I wasn’t a fucking child, so I pretty much fucked myself over having an account made for mom as the master account and having all of her information in as well as the gender being female… So, till this day I’ve been stuck with the PSN Online ID Car23457, I despised it then and thought it was the worst thing ever, but the more I’ve seen it throughout my gaming on my PS3 and now my PS4 I’ve developed a sentimental attachment to it. The first thing that might come to mind when you see my online ID is that “oh this person has a thing for cars eh?” well I guess you could make that inference, considering I do love me some cars, despite not owning one and not knowing how to drive nor having a driver’s license!


I love my mom, throughout the years of my life growing up without a father, she was the person I looked up to and she tried her best to raise me while working her ass off to do the best for her family. Without her, I wouldn’t be where I am now, I wouldn’t have learned the things that she thought me like tying my shoes, learning how to read the clock and counting money, all of the things any parent would. If my mom wasn’t in my life, if I didn’t have anyone that inspired me to move forward and strive for success or give me any discipline, I probably wouldn’t have been the person I am today. I’ve been gaming throughout my life, because of the support my mom provided me, when I tried to gain good grades in school I was awarded video games and all of those gaming experiences were provided by her for the most part. Now I’m an adult, I’m still unemployed, but I do receive financial aid from college attendance, so that’s been helping us out and with that I buy my video games and stuff of course, hehe. Having an account that represents my mom by name isn’t that bad, because I owe a lot to her. To gaming for the rest of my life! CHEERS! 🙂

One Piece 20th Anniversary Appreciation Post

Happy One Piece Day! Considering today’s, the celebration of One Piece’s 20th Anniversary, I felt the need to put some time into sharing a bit about my appreciation for the series! 🙂


Back in the days of watching television frequently, on Fox (4Kids TV) I would occasionally catch an episode of One Piece, I didn’t watch it too much nor did it really grab me, but I would never forget the ridiculous opening it had and the appearance of Usopp, that design of his had an lasting impression on me haha! Years later at the start of my time at high school, this was when I garnered more interest in investing into other Anime series other than Dragon Ball Z. Also, when I picked up a new Weekly Shonen Jump magazine after like 5+ years (I only got that older one since it had Yami Yugi from Yu-Gi-Oh! on the cover and that made me interested in the magazine) This new magazine was June/July 2011’s Issue 6 it had Naruto, Bleach, Psyren, Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s and of course One Piece! That magazine was pretty much the catalyst of me getting back into Anime and discovering the awesomeness of Manga as well! There’s more to that story, but I’ll get into that some other time wink wink.

So, this issue had Chapter 588 – Sabo’s Ocean and this was in the middle of some heavy stuff, but I’ll never forget how heartfelt it was and the turmoil Luffy was put through, it was a good way to get me invested. At that time, I only had dial-up internet connection, so I couldn’t really invest time into One Piece, I only had the Shonen Jump mags to follow, the Anime wasn’t airing on TV like Bleach and I didn’t have money for buying the Manga or Anime consistently. I read more and more of the series thanks to the Shonen Jump mags I tried to consistently, but then eventually in April 2012’s Issue 4 it was confirmed that the Shonen Jump magazines were hitting digital form with Shonen Jump Alpha, which was quite sad for me, considering I invested so much into the physical magazines, I had to move on. The final Weekly Shonen Jump mag ended at chapter 652 which was during the Fishman Island arc, so I was exposed to so much of One Piece later on in the series and even so I enjoyed what I read a lot! On one of my later birthdays, I decided to buy the first One Piece Collection on DVD and that’s where my love for the series sprouted.

The story of a young man who strives to become the King of the Pirates, and his wonderful crew who hold aspirations just like him, it’s one that I’ve loved from the beginning and still follow to this day. Going through these adventures with Luffy and learning about each member he recruits along the way with each self-contained arc makes each character all the more interesting and really makes you feel for them. Not only just the characters he recruits, but even the ones that are unique to each arc are given enough screen time and are fleshed out making a hugely insane cast of characters that you can feel for and love, unlike in some cases for Shounen series supporting characters aren’t developed enough to give a crap about them or they eventually become fodder characters. Every member in the crew has a sense of character progression in the adventure and that makes investing into the series worthwhile. From what I’ve read/watched the story arcs are well-written, this is usually accomplished on Eiichiro Oda’s part, each island that Luffy and his crew explores are carefully detailed, there’s a sense of mystery, a lingering conflict and exciting action sequences to behold. This makes reading/watching each arc a joy, plus it’s even better that each one is fresh and exciting to partake in.

Another aspect about One Piece I want to make sure I touch upon is its cartoony nature, compared to most Shounen series One Piece is easily one of the goofiest ones. Although, the rule of cool aspect is indeed etched into the series of course (Zoro, Sanji, Mihawk, Trafalgar Law, Ace), there’s indeed some wacky character designs and they sport some of the quirkiest personalities and make for some weird, but charming characters (Buggy, Bon Clay, etc). In spite of this, there’s even the amazing villain characters who are intimidating as hell and easy to hate, yet can’t help but love em’. I mentioned One Piece being cartoony and goofy, this is definitely the case when it comes to the humor, most fans can agree with this, One Piece offers some big laughs and most of the time it never takes away from the serious moments, because the series is already wacky as it is, there’s a good balance and it just fits!

Considering the length of One Piece, there’s so much to cover and it’s certainly been a series that’s been hard for me to invest into at a period. I technically started with the Manga, but didn’t start from the beginning, then I got into the Anime which I stuck with until the Skypiea arc, I personally love the Anime adaptation. The more I invested into it though the more I heard that reading the Manga is probably the better option to invest into the series, especially after the time skip. So, for a while I was conflicted about which I should invest into more the Anime or Manga, it took me a while to figure this out, but when I got heavy into Manga last year I grew an appreciation for the medium even more and I certainly appreciate great Manga art. Oda’s art especially is some Manga art I adore immensely, it gives the series an even more cartoony charm compared to the Anime, which had an art style that I didn’t mind, but Oda’s art is something I did not want to pass up on. That’s where the switch began and at the moment I’m currently investing my time into the Skypiea arc, I’m loving it a lot and it certainly brings me happiness that I’ve finally found the way I want to invest into the series for the rest of my life.

I love the concept of freedom and adventure and One Piece delivers this in spades. With amazing characters, one of the greatest worlds in fiction, insanely creative powers, a charming cartoony vibe and a length that’s overwhelming, but welcoming for continuous fun escapes into the adventures with Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Sanji, Chopper, Robin, Franky and Brook! Thanks for continuing to work on One Piece for 20 years and filling me and everyone else with happiness, laughs, tears and excitement Oda-sensei!

Castlevania Netflix Series Season 1 Review

The Netflix Castlevania series was well done! I’m personally a Castlevania fan and I was quite pleased with this first season. Dracula is portrayed as a sympathetic villain, with the death of his human wife and spreads havoc around the land of Wallachia. This I found to be a great way to give the antagonist of the series a motivation that’s understandable and not just that he’s a evil bastard.

Contrasting that of the protagonist of the series Trevor Belmont, he’s an ass and he probably doesn’t give a shit about you, considering his family the Belmonts were disgraced by the people, so his appearance is certainly not welcomed. Despite that being the case, he still goes by his family’s wishes to fight back against the creatures of the night and defeat Dracula, it’s in his blood and that’s his job. I love this portrayal of Trevor, he’s a lovable ass-hole with the duty of protecting the people, he seems like he’s sick of doing it, but that’s what he has to do, so he does it.

The atmosphere and setting fits the Castlevania tone pretty well, the plot was done in a way that made sense for a video game adaptation and got you invested in what was going on. Although the pacing was slow, I felt it was a nice pace to get the series going and there was enough conflict and dialogue to keep it interesting. The animation was generally great, especially in the action scenes they’re short, but sweet and are the best parts in the series tbh, nice fight choreography. Surprisingly, there were moments that gave me a chuckle, especially the bar scene with Trevor, he gave most of the laughs in the series. There’s one moment in the series that involves Alucard and throughout the whole scene I had a big smile on my face, he’s definitely a man I would go gay for(I mean he is my favorite Castlevania character hehe).


I forgot to mention, that this series definitely didn’t hold back with the gore either, plenty of moments where I cringed although it was a little excessive it works, considering the serious and dark tone it’s going for. Some gripes, the music was mostly generic and a bit unfitting, wouldn’t it be awesome if Trevor Morris composed some subtle Castlevania remixes in or something? That would have made for good fan-service, but maybe that’ll happen in the second season. The English voice acting was decent, but at times it was hard to understand. Also, the series ended too fast, I was honesty disappointed that it ended I wanted more! Well, at least the second season will be 8 eps long. It did a good job in setting up most of the main team to go on their journey to fight Dracula, so I can’t complain.

Overall, I enjoyed this series a lot and I’m happy it’s a thing that didn’t end up being total crap. Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse isn’t my favorite game in the series, but it is one of the best, and one of my favorite video game series getting a great animated adaptation is a pleasure! Hoping for the second season to be even better! 8/10

Sonic the Hedgehog 26th Birthday Appreciation

As you guys may know I’m a Sonic fan through and through and there’s nothing that will get rid of that, despite the many times the series gets bad to mediocre titles once in a while. I’ve never gave up on the blue dude, ever since I was a kid I was into the cartoons and games. Sonic was the definition of 90’s cool and seeing his mannerisms, hearing his one-liners has always made a lasting impression on me, it was nothing I’ve seen much from other series or media. Sonic is my hero and honestly a big role model for me, he’s my all-time favorite fictional character after all(Edward Elric is up there of course). The ability of super speed was always a thing I was fascinated by, having the ability to go fast excites me and running is a thing I especially enjoy doing(Track would have been a good extracurricular activity for me, but I was such a geeky introvert).

Sonic may have a short temper, might be impatient, he is cocky and so full of himself, but underneath that exterior he’s a very kind guy who dearly cares for his world, the people and his friends. He never gives up a challenge, always seeks the thrill of adventure and his carefree spirit has been aspects of Sonic that I admire! I won’t get into too much detail, but I’ve been following the Sonic series since the early 2000’s with Sonic Advance/Sonic 2 and Sonic Adventure, and to be honest I’ve never gotten disinterested in the series. There’s a charm that just appeals to me and the games are just legit fun, the series is a favorite of mine and I will continue supporting it, because there’s nothing like keeping up with your beloved childhood series and reliving those fond memories in new and exciting ways! Happy 26th Birthday Sonic!

Here’s my Sonic collection btw:

Sonic Collection 2017

Sonic Collection 2017 Leftovers

Games I Want Announced at E3 2017


With the E3 convention starting very soon and the hype is definitely there for me I wanted to list some games that I would love to see get announced at E3 2017. Even if they are impossible to happen or they’re crazy things to dream for I will still list them. Anyway, here’s my list of games I want announced at E3 2017!

New 2D Metroid or Metroid Prime


I’ve been wanting a new good Metroid game since forever, I remember being so excited for the announcement of Metroid: Other M, but the game ended up being an average game which was disappointing. I still may give that game a try someday though. I adore Metroid Fusion and the other 2D Metroid titles, so it would be a dream if we actually got a new 2D Metroid more similar to those and not too story-driven and cinematic like Other M. I haven’t finished any of the Metroid Prime games, but if we don’t get a new 2D Metroid game and get a new Prime I would still be happy. A 2D title would make me more happy though, I heard a rumor that there’s two Metroid games going in development and I hope it’s actually true!

Ape Escape 4


As someone who loved the crap out of Ape Escape 3 being one of my favorite video games of all-time, I really want to see a new Ape Escape game on PS4 that’s traditional Ape Escape and not party game or spin-off stuff. I still need to finish the original and 2, but boy do I miss catching these darn apes with their quirky personalities and animations, with the main character’s gadgets and taking in the charming level designs and music, so much fun! A PS4 title would be such a nice break from all the serious games coming out these days on PS4, with the Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy coming out soon this should be a thing someday I hope…

Jet Set Radio Future Remastered/Jet Set Radio 3


By the end of last year I bought a PS Vita and one day I saw that the original JSR was on sale for it, I’ve always wanted to give it a shot and at first I wasn’t too thrilled with it. The more I played it the more it grew on me and the more I came to get obsessed with it! I bought it on PC, Vita and PS3 and finished it multiple times lol. I wanted to play it’s sequel Jet Set Radio Future so badly and I ended up buying my own copy of the Sega GT 2002/Jet Set Radio Future Combo Pack unable to play it at the moment though. I don’t own any Microsoft consoles and my nephew’s 360 can’t even play the game, unless I buy an official HDD for it, so I’ll never have the opportunity of playing the game. I hope Sega/Smilebit decides to remaster this game, just like the original, because it’ll make playing it more convenient, considering it was an Xbox exclusive, plz Sega! A new title would be nice as well, since Sega is interested in bringing back their other IPs, this series shouldn’t be wasted, it has an appeal to it like no other!

Persona 6


This is me throwing an insane dream for E3, an announcement for P6 wouldn’t make sense for this year’s E3, but I still wouldn’t mind getting one, because I love the series that much lol. We’ll be waiting forever for it, so I gotta keep my time occupied catching up to the Persona and Shin Megami Tensei games I haven’t finished. 🙂

New F-Zero


Growing up with the GBA F-Zero titles Maximum Velocity and GP Legend, I have quite the nostalgia for F-Zero. I haven’t exactly invested too much time into a F-Zero game as much as those two, but considering how much Nintendo fans want the series to make a comeback I’m with them too! I would love to play a new F-Zero title the likes of F-Zero GX, that game looks freaking insane and throughout my gaming career I’ve always had a preference for arcade racers opposed to racing sims!

Final Fantasy XVI


With FFXV’s success and the long wait we’re going to have for FFVII Remake and KH3, I think it would be awesome to have an FFXVI announcement at E3 this year. I have no clue what Square has planned to show off this E3, but we’re not expecting FFVII Remake or KH3, so what do they have in store? Perhaps, an console announcement for Dissidia Final Fantasy on PS4? More FFXV stuff? They could pull an FFXVI out there too I guess, that would be interesting, yet it seems highly unlikely lol.

Drakengard 4


Yeah… this is very unlikely, with Yoko Taro taking a break from directing video games I can’t see this being a thing, but we can still get that Drakengard HD collection and NieR remaster someday hopefully lol.

No More Heroes 3


Goichi Suda(Suda 51) announced a new title with Travis Touchdown at the Nintendo Switch Presentation, this got me very very excited, but it was never confirmed it was a new No More Heroes title. I hope at E3 this new Suda title is finally shown off and hopefully revealed as the third No More Heroes, because that would definitely blow me away!

Bayonetta 3


With Nintendo making Bayonetta 2 a thing for Platinum Games on the Wii U, I do wish for a third game to happen on the Switch, with ports of Bayo 1 & 2. Bayonetta is one of my all-time favorite video games and considering I was unable to even play the sequel due to it’s exclusive appearance on Wii U, having a port of Bayo 1 & 2 on Switch would be logical. I was hearing rumors that the third installment may have a male protag, which I don’t find favorable in my opinion that wouldn’t even make sense with the title Bayonetta 3, I would love if the ports and the new sequel has an appearance at E3 this year, I’m asking too much though.

A new Treasure game

Treasure Logo

This is definitely another fever dream, but who doesn’t love Treasure games?! They’ve developed titles like Gunstar Heroes, Alien Soldier, Sin & Punishment, Ikaruga, they’ve created some gems throughout their development career, but lately they’ve created two titles that were Japan only and published by Capcom, Gaist Crusher in 2013 and Gaist Crusher God in 2014 which are licensed Anime game titles. I wish they could develop a new IP or a sequel to a previous IP it would be nice. Imagine a Treasure/Platinum game in this generation of gaming, God-like!

Metal Slug 8


I miss Metal Slug, with SNK making a video game resurgence making KOF XIV a reality, I definitely want them to make new titles of their other IPs and Metal Slug is indeed one of those. A proper 2.5D Metal Slug with 3D models, would be a good choice, since making a new Metal Slug with new high quality sprite work would be pretty expensive, I’m sure they could make a great new title and that they’ll be passionate about it, because that seemed like the case with KOF XIV.

The New Arika Game, Fighting EX Layer


At first being an April Fools joke, it actually became a tech demo. The company Arika only needs a publisher to make it an actual thing and I read up on a rumor that SNK might publish it, but it wasn’t confirmed so fingers crossed for it to actually happen! I adore the original Arika characters created for the Street Fighter EX series like Garuda, Doctrine Dark and the Kamen Rider inspired Skullomania! These characters won’t ever appear in a game that’s not developed by Arika, so no hopes for appearances in Capcom fighters SFV or Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, this has to be a thing and it becoming official at E3 would be insane! 😀

Shenmue HD Collection


Shenmue III is finally becoming a thing! I grew up playing the original game on my bro’s Dreamcast and I remember it fondly, never finished the game nor have I finished it’s sequel. I think an HD collection could remedy that and Shenmue III won’t have an appearance at E3 this year from an article I read, and it could be delayed till 2018. Imagine an HD collection being announced at E3, it needs to happen and I’ll gladly buy it!

Garou 2


This was actually going to be a thing back then, but it was scrapped. SNK had the idea of making a Garou sequel if KOF XIV was an success and it was! Also, Rock who was the new protagonist in Garou: Mark of the Wolves made a triumphant return as a DLC character in KOF XIV, now where’s Garou 2?!


Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII HD Remaster


I loved Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, it’s one of the main reasons Final Fantasy VII became my favorite title in the series. While waiting for the first part of Final Fantasy VII Remake, wouldn’t an HD Remaster be a cool thing to do? So those fans who never got the opportunity to play the game on PSP can give it a shot on current gen consoles and for those who would love to relive those memories of the game. It certainly was one of the greatest experiences I had on my PSP and having an HD remaster would be a delight, especially to experience Zack’s awesome character arc once again! 🙂

A New Parasite Eve


This would be great, highly unlikely, but it would be nice to see Aya Brea make a well-deserved return! Parasite Eve was an amazing game, I haven’t played the sequel, but I did play The 3rd Birthday first actually and I enjoyed it personally. I’m not a big fan of Aya’s portrayal in The 3rd Birthday compared to the first PE and the story was nonsense, but I would love if Square went back to the roots of PE with it’s unique RPG battle system and not a survival horror title or third person shooter. I can’t see that happening with Square, it would be awesome to see the series make a return though, it’s an interesting series that had quite an unique concept to it.

Panzer Dragoon HD Collection


Never played any of these games, I just want a more convenient way of playing all of these titles. Considering, Panzer Dragoon, Panzer Dragoon II Zwei, Panzer Dragoon Saga were Sega Saturn exclusives and Panzer Dragoon Orta was an OG Xbox exclusive there’s literally no way to play these games unless you own the copies of the games and their respective consoles(The original has a PC and PS2 release actually). An HD Collection needs to happen, seriously I’m so interested in the series and the RPG Panzer Dragoon Saga is hailed as “one of the greatest games of all-time” I can’t overlook that!

Skies of Arcadia HD Remaster


Sega’s interest in what IPs fans want more of has Skies of Arcadia(Eternal Arcadia in Japan), hitting the radar for what these fans want and I can see why. I’ve never played Skies of Arcadia, but from the art and video footage I’ve seen I’ve grown fascinated about the game. I could emulate it, but Sega could definitely make an HD remaster for the game, there was a port for Gamecube so this could be a possibility some day!

In conclusion, these are just some games I would love to see make an appearance at E3 2017. There was some believable ones and those “out there” picks, but you know we all have our dreams that we wish could come true and these are those games that would make me quite giddy! ^_^