Songs I Want in Smash 5 #2

Fight Against Smithy from Super Mario RPG.

If Yoko Shimomura’s Mario & Luigi OSTs are in Smash 4 and “The Grand Finale” from Bowser’s Inside Story is in there, why not an SMRPG selection of tracks?! This one is one of my personal favs, despite never finishing the game myself, it’s waaaay too good.


Songs I Want in Smash 5 #1

Crystal Cave from Sonic and the Black Knight

Just listen to it! I can imagine Sonic fighting Cloud to this one and the OST for that game in general is underrated af. Atleast Knight of the Wind is in Smash 4 tho.

My Top Ten Most Anticipated Video Games of 2018

It’s early February, everyone is getting more comfortable in the year setting their foot further into whatever goals they wish to achieve and video games are getting more and more exciting to behold. Everyone and their moms have been praising how amazing of a year in gaming 2017 was, and that set a high standard for the coming years. There’s some exciting stuff that’s been in development, it’s always a thing in the industry and this year isn’t no different.

We all have our video games that we personally “hope” and anticipate to release in the year and while there’s been a couple that I’ve been anticipating that released like, Dragon Ball FighterZ and Monster Hunter World, I really wanted to think harder and share my thoughts on what games “I’m” the most excited for. I’ll only be including games that’s been confirmed to release this year too, even if it might seem unlikely. So, let’s dive into this!

Kingdom Hearts III Sora Dive

10. Red Dead Redemption 2 


It’s been years since the release of the original Red Dead Redemption, which was my personal favorite Open-World game and has never been topped since. Maybe it’s the Wild West setting and story, the gameplay that made the game so addicting to me, the world map being so large and interesting, it was hard for me not to enjoy the game throughout. I never completed the game 100% like I wanted, but there being a sequel in the works that could deliver an even larger world, new gameplay mechanics, enjoyable Western plot with top notch acting, and characters that are somewhat interesting, rivaling the first game’s quality. I think we’re in for another Rockstar Games hit.

9. Mega Man 11 


It’s great to see the Blue Bomber make another revival, but this time with a step in the right and refreshing direction. No longer will Mega Man be tied to that NES nostalgia trip, now we’re hitting the next generation of Mega Man in a 3D cel-shaded art style and a fresh new redesign for Mega Man and co. All Mega Man fans should be excited, because Capcom is finally making that next step to please the starving fans once again, with a new found passion. Here’s hoping it doesn’t become another Blue Bomb…

8. Spider-Man

Spider-Man Insomniac Game

Spider-Man getting a new game from Insomniac Games? Who’d imagine that? Spider-Man is my personal favorite comic book hero and despite playing a couple of the Spider-Man games like, Ultimate Spider-Man(GBA), Web of Shadows and Shattered Dimensions, I don’t really have the most fondest memories of playing these games, despite enjoying WoS a lot. That experience I had with the Spider-Man games never stuck with me, I guess from the ones I played they just didn’t do much for me. With the upcoming game, it’s going to be big budget, cinematic and open-world as expected. Plus, the Arkham Asylum style of gameplay is welcome, considering how well done it was in those games, the only thing that worries me about this new game is the QTEs getting in the way of the overall gameplay. Otherwise, I have high hopes for this title and hope it delivers really well.

7. Soul Calibur VI


I’ve never been a fan of the Soul Calibur series, but I’ve always appreciated it. I did play some SC, SCII, bought SCIII, played a lot of that and rented SCV, and enjoyed it for what it was, but that SC competitive scene? I’ve never dipped my toes into and with SCVI I think I’ll be interested. I never really spent time trying to git gud at the SC games and the time is finally coming, the game is looking very solid.

Taking some cues from Tekken 7 and bringing back the more fast-paced gameplay from the original two SC games, that the hardcore fans are ecstatic about. Fingers crossed for Tira and Setsuka’s return, I loved those characters a lot in SCIII, although Xianghua and Sophitia look like characters I can see myself learning, along with Kilik, Nightmare, Mitsurugi and Zasalamel, from the currently revealed roster. Looking forward to another amazing fighting game title from Bandai Namco!

6. Dragon Quest XI


Being someone who’s never touched the Dragon Quest games from the looks of it, this one is shaping up to be my very first entry. This game will take a more open-world approach to the formula, but still retain the same turn-based combat, so that’s pretty awesome. I’m just in for that Akira Toriyama art style, a simple, enjoyable plot, a compelling cast of characters. Good ol’ JRPG charm and adventure, I don’t know if I’ll be picking up both the 3DS and PS4 versions, but I think I just might hehe, I love me some Chrono Trigger so I gotta see what the fuss is all about you know?

5. Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection


Oh yeah Street Fighter! I’ve been a fan of the series, since early on in my childhood and with this game’s announcement trailer along side the rumors before it, it got me so pumped for this release! It will contain literally every iteration of the franchise that came to the arcades and that’s definitely a steal from the price it’s asking for. Gallery modes and all the extra goodies you would expect, it also includes netplay for Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting, Super Street Fighter II Turbo, Street Fighter Alpha 3 and Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike. Unfortunately, Street Fighter Alpha 2 won’t have netplay, but there’s always FightCade.

The collection sounds super promising for all SF fans, including me, just have good netcode please! I also wish, the best console versions of some of these were ported instead, but it’s fine sticking to the arcade versions, it’s a bummer that Alpha 3 Max with all of those extra modes and characters like Eagle, Yun, Maki and Ingrid probably won’t make the collection. I’m not sure if they’re going to use the vanilla version of SFA3 only, but it would be strange considering there’s other arcade releases of SFA3, I hope they at least add the latest version or give us the option to choose. Oh well, it’s going to be pretty awesome though, just don’t fuck up the netcode, the game won’t be worth it, if that’s the case. It’ll just be amazing being able to play Third Strike and Alpha 3 on my PS4 and all the other current gen platforms, in the best way you could possibly play all of these SF games, hopefully…

4. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

Bloodstained Ritual of the Night Art

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is one of my all-time favorite video games and Bloodstained is its spiritual successor, an Kickstarter game headed by Koji Igarashi who’ s mainly responsible for the Metroidvania style Castlevania games. Considering most of those were pretty top-notch, I have high hopes that Iga is capable of delivering a quality  product, along with his team. I know there’s people out there who are cynical about it and are predicting that it’ll be another failure like Yooka-Laylee and the infamous  Mighty No. 9, but personally I think this will be one of the few successful Kickstarter titles backed by a creative mind, progressing forward from a previous establishment. I’m just that confident in Iga and it looks like development is going smoothly, nothing has given it a bad name so far.

Otherwise, having a new heroine is exciting, Miriam as a character design is very appealing, the bosses, Michiru Yamane’s(as well as Jake Kaufman and whoever else) music and environments are giving that Gothic-Horror vibe that I fucking adore. As much as I would prefer this game to use pixel art or hand-drawn animation, the game still has a cel-shaded visual style that sticks out in a good way. I’m pretty excited for Bloodstained, I have been since its announcement and I’m crossing my fingers that the development for this one wasn’t all for naught, I’m still confident in its success though.

3. Fighting EX Layer

Fighting EX Layer

Ooooooh hell yeah! Do you know how fucking long I’ve been waiting for these characters to return?! The first game I ever got my hands on and vividly remember playing was the underrated Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha, it was the video game that pretty much shaped my taste in many things, video games, music, etc and it was just an overall enjoyable fighting game that I could put tons of hrs into without getting enough of it. It made me the fighting game fan that I am today and you know for sure that it had some original characters that I wanted to come back in new Capcom games or Arika at least coming back with a new title with them in it. Years ago, there was the Fighting Sample that Arika created for the 3DS that included a couple of the SFEX originals like, Hokuto, Shadowgeist, Kairi, Blair and whoever, but it never became an actual thing until 2017’s April Fool’s joke from Arika…

Kairi, Hokuto and Garuda in the Unreal Engine 4?! It was a hype reveal, but was it going to be real? Thank the Gods, it’s actually going to be a real fucking game and I’m so looking forward to kicking ass with my favorites such as Skullomania, Doctrine Dark, Cracker Jack, Area, Pullum and Garuda! From the Open Beta it was quite promising, the mechanics are pretty cool as well, despite being a little broken, they do add another “layer” to the matches. The game could possibly flop, but the game actually being a fairly polished and captivating fighter is enough to get my thirst quenched, it’s a passion project that I can see having a lot of effort and love put into it, the success is in your hands Arika!

(Some gameplay I captured, to catch your interest)

2. Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes

Travis Strikes Again No More Heroes

I think we all saw a new title in the No More Heroes series coming eventually and with the release of the Nintendo Switch, that lingering thought and speculation has become a reality. Despite not being the third installment in the series, this spin-off game definitely catches my interest, with Travis Touchdown making a return along with a relative to one of Travis’ previous assassinated, introduced in this game, Badman. From the gameplay revealed just recently, it looks to take different gameplay perspectives compared to the previous titles and it still looks super fun and similar to the others as well. Though I hope the gameplay isn’t stripped down too much, I doubt that’ll be the case really and it’ll still be a pretty fun game. Co-op play has been revealed too, which is pretty fucking awesome.

It’s been confirmed that each assassination will take place in the world of Indie games and that concept alone brings even more hype for me, considering the unpredictability of it. Existing Indie titles won’t be explored anymore, like Hotline Miami or Shovel Knight and they will instead be used as cameos for Travis’ T-Shirt designs apparently, but I’m very curious how the original indie titles will be incorporated into the game, the portrayal of Travis himself and all of the new unique characters I’m sure Suda and his team will bring to the table(They certainly take unique forms, *wink* *wink*). I’ve been waiting for a new NMH(Hell, replaying the NMH games currently) title for years and seeing the series not dead, warms my heart and gets me ecstatic, I just need a Nintendo Switch and I’m good to go!

Before I go into my number one, I want to give a couple of titles honorable mentions:

Death Stranding

Death Stranding

Hideo Kojima’s new baby, as a big fan of the guy myself my eyes have been dead set on this one and with the recent trailer, my interest has only risen. Kojima himself has revealed that this game will release before 2019 and a couple of days ago it was also revealed that the production of the game has been a fast process, I don’t know how to feel about this, but hopefully that’s more so a good thing than a bad thing, and it’s probably a good thing it’s fucking Kojima.

If the release date was actually confirmed I would have had it in my top 5 though, maybe number 3 or something haha. Otherwise, I’m definitely fucking excited for this one if it’s actually releasing this year. It looks wildly weird and intriguing, as expected from the man himself.

Super Smash Bros. for Switch



Now for my most anticipated game of the year.

1. Kingdom Hearts III


Here’s the big boy, Tetsuya Nomura’s magnum opus(well, what we all hope) Kingdom Hearts III! KHIII is probably one of the most anticipated video game sequels of all-time if you look back, along with Sonic Adventure 3(RIP?), Half-Life 3(RIP), Shenmue 3, Mega Man Legends 3(RIP?), the list goes on, but yeah out of all of those KHIII is actually the massive one. KHIII is that one that, we’ve been teased about, since the release of KHII along with all of the spin-off titles. Everyone’s been waiting eagerly for this release and it looks like we’ll be finally seeing that become a reality this year. Reuniting with the gang in the new Kingdom Shader, powered by Unreal Engine 4, pretty much the best you will ever see these characters so far in the series. Exploring the Disney worlds that we know and love, this time having new ones from Toy Story, Tangled, Big Hero 6 and the recently revealed Monsters, Inc, Toy Story being the one that pretty much drove me to tears when it was revealed.

Since, it’s been confirmed that the team that worked on the original KH games and the Osaka team that worked on Birth by Sleep and Dream Drop Distance have combined their efforts to develop KHIII, this will be KH in its truest form and despite the trailers being before that merge I think, it’s truly showing in the trailers that’s been revealed, the game is looking just fantastic! Seeing the story of Sora and his friendship with Donald and Goofy finally come to a close will be a captivating one for sure, and will probably be one we cherish every second of. It’ll be quite the experience to behold the finale of the Dark Seeker Saga, we’re all ready for the final confrontation of Sora and Xehanort, and I hope that it’ll be the conclusion that etches a deep impact into our hearts. An impact that reminds us in the midst of our constantly aging selves that, our child-like wonder and grasping for the things that we grew up with, shouldn’t ever die, “Don’t Think Twice” about that. 😉




Shadow of the Colossus Overview

So, I finally finished Shadow of the Colossus and to be honest after I finished it, I was grateful for the experience, but saddened that it had to come to an end. I know I could always replay it yeah, but there was something about playing SotC day after day, despite knowing of what’s to come, considering I’ve spoiled the game long ago when the Game Grumps did an LP of it, that never stopped me from wanting to play the game myself of course and yes, this game is totally worth the praise it gets. There’s just something that makes the experience of playing it so special and I think it has to do with the balance of traveling with your horse, Agro, in these quiet, calming ventures through the game’s barren, yet beautiful world. Then, eventually marking your target, the Colossi and going for the kill, hanging on to dear life to slay these giants, in the most intense and nail-biting moments in gaming, just to save a girl.

I think this balance is what makes SotC such a captivating and amazing experience, it’s not just the balance it’s how that balance is executed throughout the game, there’s just never a dull moment. The plot is quite basic, but what truly shines when it comes to the game’s narrative is just how everything is shown to you by visual information, nothing is ever in your face about what happens in the duration of the game, the narrative is shaped by what you see throughout and what is being visually stated(There’s so many details in the game like this, even outside of the cutscenes), there’s only a few moments of exposition and that really works for the game’s show and not tell approach. The saving your loved one, in the process of questioning your own morality is that type of story in any form of media(NieR/NieR: Automata is one of my favs for that reason as well) that I just adore, so it gets bonus points for that.

The movement physics given to Wander brings this very satisfying feeling of weightiness and looseness that makes fighting the Colossi and just exploring the world itself, a very rewarding task(You can joke about Wander’s walking animation, but the way it’s animated gives off this visual dopamine for me, that it’s something I can’t ever get enough of). Speaking of the Colossi, the majority of them are actually very fun to fight and are all interesting confrontations, there was definitely some frustration had when fighting a couple of them, not to the detriment of the game, since that made defeating them all the more relieving. Most sporting very cool designs, Gaius(3), Phaedra(4), Barba(6), the art direction and character designs are another thing about SotC I can totally appreciate, Wander especially has a design that’s very appealing to me as the main character you play as.

For the PS2 version and the PS3 remaster, there’s that bloom effect to the game that gives it this heavenly, dream-like feel to it and it’s so appealing to the eyes, there’s so much to go into detail about how the game looks, but I think the visual style really holds up, even today. The soundtrack is nothing to down-play either, it really gives the game its identity, adding an extra layer to what the narrative of the game could possibly tell, it really tells a story for every moment that a track accompanies and it is masterful.

Shadow of the Colossus was a game that I kinda already loved from just the footage of it that I saw, but I knew if I just got my hands on it, that it would end up being probably one of my all-time favorite video games and guess what? It definitely is, though time will tell where I’ll have it in my top list, but it’s up there. The fact that I’m writing about it now, even without much emotional attachment(Oh yeah, the ending definitely made me tear up) in terms of nostalgia anyway, my experience with SotC was a special one and I loved it so, that I felt such an empty void, that I needed to fill it by speaking passionately about it. I don’t know if I’ll find another game that can give me the same experience that this one did, not to say it’s my favorite video game, it was a game that had given me a time in gaming that most others never accomplished and I enjoyed every second of it. I’m definitely looking forward to playing both Ico and The Last Guardian, possibly any game that Team Ico develops.



Video Games I Want To Finish In 2018

With it being the start of 2018 and the end of January, while lazing around on my PC I thought about this blog topic. Video games I want to finish this year in 2018, with all of the new games coming out this year, eventually I’ll want to play the older titles to maybe catch up on the goodness that I missed out on before, it’s also a good way to get me focused on the games that I could be playing this year along with the new ones. So, here we go the video games I want to finish in 2018!

Silent Hill 2


I’ve been a casual Resident Evil fan for years, love psychological thrillers and I also have a soft spot for the horror genre in general, I watched the original Silent Hill movie and remember enjoying it for what it was, but I never actually got into a Silent Hill “game” so I’m very excited to finally change that maybe this year. Starting from the fan favorite of the series, I have watched a Let’s Play of it, but that won’t discourage me from playing the game myself, it really seems like a very interesting experience and I would love to play the others worth playing in the series as well.

Super Mario Sunshine – Super Mario Galaxy 2


With Super Mario Odyssey’s overwhelming praise and my personal excitement for the game in 2017, without a Switch I couldn’t experience that joy and this guy hasn’t even finished the majority of the mainline 3D Mario games, other than 64 and 3D Land so yeah I got some catching up to do before Odyssey. Which will be done by emulating of course.

Yume Nikki


Eh, this one I have little faith I will actually finish, but man do I really want to! With the reboot coming out very soon actually and the release on Steam, honestly encouraged me to eventually pick it back up again. I don’t know when I would be in that mindset or in that environment where I would feel completely comfortable playing this game all the way through, at least getting one of the endings, at the time though I just don’t see that happening with me. Anyway, I SO want to finish this game once someday, I don’t want to start it and just run away from it again like last time, it’ll also take a lot of patience too so I hope I don’t drop it.

Doki Doki Literature Club

Doki Doki

It’s gotta happen eventually, from the couple of hrs I played and everything I heard about it, despite not knowing anything that actually happens… The suspense is fucking killing me.

Yakuza 0


On-hold this one keeps going, I remember I was really in that Yakuza mood, but then Persona 5 and the Yoko Taro games came into my life and the digestion of this game has been slow-paced to hell. Although, I’m getting very close to the end and it’s only been a blast so far with no hiccups whatsoever, pretty much a 10/10 game for me. So, I’m not rushing myself, someday I’ll finish it and I really want to play through those side-quests as well.

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age


The last time I played I got stuck, I’m up for the grinding, but at the time I’m not really in the mood for any RPGs. If I’m going to finish any FF game this year though, it’s going to be this one.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past/Ocarina of Time

Link to the Past

I’m not the most experienced in the Zelda games, as Skyward Sword was the only one I actually finished. I’m in no hurry to finish these games for Breath of the Wild or something, but fuck I really don’t want to miss out on them and with my recent purchase of ALTTP from the 3DS Virtual Console, you bet your ass I’m gonna get into it soon(Playing it now actually)!

Okami HD


Another recent title I bought, that’s actually similar to Zelda in structure. I’m not gonna force myself into this game as I’m not really in the mood to actually play more of it really, but I think I’m going to end up enjoying this one a lot.

Space Channel 5

Space Channel 5

The waifu, the charm, the rhythm, my sights have been on this game for awhile and I think it’ll be a nice way to ease myself into rhythm games.

Monster World IV


Part of the Wonder Boy series, pretty much the precursor to the Shantae series and in this one you can tell that Shantae was inspired by it. I’ve been hesitant about starting this one, whenever I do start it I think I’m going to like it more than I think maybe, I’ll go in with low expectations. It really seems like something I’ll like though.

Shantae: Risky’s Revenge – Director’s Cut


It was good from what I played, I really want to get into the other games too, since Metroidvanias are definitely my thing.

Ape Escape 1-2 


The first Ape Escape has been surprisingly good for me so far and I’m only hoping I actually manage to finish it, because I was liking what I played of it. I probably won’t end up liking it more than the third one, same for when I get to the sequel, but that won’t take away from them being good games on their own. Sony, I hope you’re developing Ape Escape 4 damn it!

A Hat in Time


I could go for a new, cute, charming 3D platformer nowadays. I’m so excited to play this one!


Banjo Kazooie

As much as I adored Rare’s Donkey Kong Country 1 and 2, I never really got deep into any of their 3D platformers, but Conker’s Bad Fur Day which I never exactly played all the way without skipping levels and cheating(I should play it all on my own someday). Anyway, with the recent release of Banjo’s spiritual successor Yooka-Laylee, I want to eventually get through this one, especially when I’m in the mood for more 3D platformers.

Bayonetta 2


Re-releasing on Nintendo Switch along with the first game this year, for damn sure I’m finally playing the sequel to one of my all-time favorite games!

Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner 


I’ve got to get to it eventually, I guess I’ll play the original too. I need more Mecha action in my video games!

Hyper Light Drifter

Hyper Light Drifter

This game is super stylish, I was really getting into it before then I fell out of it. Comes with the territory, I had other games I wanted to play.

Ys: The Oath in Felghana

Ys Oath IN Felghana

Another game that I fell out of after digging it quite a lot, I don’t know if I’ll really get into it again this year, but I liked what I played for sure.

Viewtiful Joe 1-2

Viewtiful Joe 2

Some more Clover Studios(Okami being the other) games I never got to finish and questioning why the hell I haven’t finished them yet. Although, I have emulated the first one a couple of months ago, so I have these games in mind.

Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition 


Fuck Sanctus and The Savior! The next time I play DMC4: SE “maybe” this year, I’m gonna make sure I defeat them both, because fuck they gave me a hard time!

Hard Corps: Uprising

Hard Corps Uprising

Spiritual successor to the Contra series’ Contra Hardcorps game for the Sega Genesis, developed by the Guilty Gear team ArcSys, enough said.

Sonic Unleashed(PS3/360 Version)

Sonic Unleashed

Since, we’re not expecting a new Sonic game release this year, whenever I’m in the mood to dig my teeth into a Sonic game I’ve never finished I’m gonna make sure I finally get through the HD version of this one. I have played through the PS2 version around its release, but with the HD version I made it past the Egg Dragoon battle and the game would just crash after it, yielding me from actually seeing the end… I own a copy of the PS3 version now, so I finally have another chance to actually see it through to the end, finally…

Metal Gear Solid/Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD Edition

Metal Gear Solid

I have a Metal Gear binge planned this year, I have some suspicion that I might not even continue this binge, but if I do and I follow through with it, I’m hoping I actually make it to at least both or one of these games, since I never finished them along with MGSV Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain. To be honest, I might go with release date order or chronological, one of them since the MG series is dead without Kojima now and with all of the games being out now, I might actually play them all in release order starting from MGS(Might play the original MG games on the side), but I’ll have to buy MGSV:GZ and TPP still.

Metroid: Samus Returns – Metroid Prime Trilogy

Metroid Samus Returns

I bought my New 2DS XL for this one and y’all know Samus is my waifu so I gotta get through it eventually. I’m just so happy that Nintendo is giving more attention to the series and after that, the Metroid Prime games I’ll have to catch up on with Prime 4 coming out maybe this year or next year.

VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action

VA-11 Hall-A Cyberpunk Bartender Action

I don’t know why I haven’t at least gotten one ending, the game is so relaxing and the aesthetic is so my thing.



The Soulsborne games have been on my radar even more, thanks to catching up to the Berserk Manga. I did buy Bloodborne along with my PS4 Pro two years ago and rented Dark Souls around its release, so my interest dated since waaaay back and Bloodborne is definitely my starting point for now, although I have made some progress in the game though haha.

Horizon: Zero Dawn


If I’m going to finish any open-world game this year it’s going to be one of the best ones that was recently developed, loving this one a lot and I don’t want to overlook it for being a large game, but if I’m not feeling it I’m not feeling it. When I want to explore a vast world with little limitations, losing myself in it though, wanting a time to spend with beautiful nature I can go back to this one.

Drakengard 3

Drakengard 3

The only Yoko Taro game that I own that I got on-hold, it’s surprisingly good so far, soon I’ll get back to it.

Phantasy Star II/IV


With not being impressed by Phantasy Star Online lately, I mean at first I liked it and then it became a drag especially for my loner self playing it alone, with the grinding and shit. There’s the OST, atmosphere, character designs, setting and art that I love about PSO, so I’m interested in going back to its roots with the JRPG-style games, with PSIV being the one I played the most and loved, if PSII isn’t as dated as I’m thinking it could be, I’m pretty interested in playing it or just going back to PSIV.

Resident Evil HD Remaster

Resident Evil HD Remaster

The one game I keep telling myself to play for Halloween along with Dead Space, I’m a long-time casual RE fan so I’ve been meaning to get into the one that’s considered the best by many, although RE4 is my personal favorite one.



My so-called 2015 GOTY and I never personally got any of its endings, hoping to finally do so this year too and expecting the “feels” to come back again.

The Guardian Legend

The Guardian Legend

This game is really awesome so far, getting closer and closer to the ending, eventually I’m gonna finish it. It’s been a pleasant surprise and despite some of the issues when it comes to its age(it is a NES game after all), it’s pretty decent and underappreciated so I would recommend it if you’re into retro titles, similar to Zelda and Metroid.

The Adventure of Little Ralph

The Adventure of Little Ralph

This game is pretty dope, a 2D action-platformer that transforms into a fighting game for some bosses is so cool and I really want to see this game to the end sometime, it’s an underrated gem.

Hotline Miami – 2: Wrong Number


Once again, I played a lot of the Vita version of the first game, got stuck on a level and never went back to it, might play through it again on PC, since I own the sequel as well on PC. Anyway, I loved how brutal it was, the fast-pace, psychedelic visuals and the OST was bopping non-stop.


DOOM Wallpaper

My favorite FPS now revitalized and brutal than ever before, I’ve owned the PS4 version for about two years now and I’ve been hitting myself for never playing more of it, but when I’m in that demon slaying mood, hell yeah I’m playing this more!

Honorable Mentions:

Chrono TriggerOdin Sphere LeifthrasirOneShotOuttriggerCastlevania: Rondo of BloodCastlevania: Order of EcclesiaContra: Shattered SoldierDanganronpa 1-2 ReloadDino Crisis 2Digimon Story: Cyber SleuthDonkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong’s Double Trouble.

Drill DozerDoDonPachi ResurrectionDust: An Elysian TailFinal Fight 2Fire Emblem: AwakeningFreedom PlanetGanpuru: Gunman’s ProofFuriGravity Rush 2Hollow KnightJet Set Radio Future, Killer Is Dead: Nightmare EditionLiberation MaidenLISAMega Man 8, Mega Man Legends, Mighty Gunvolt Burst, Transistor.

Mischief MakersNight in the WoodsOwlboyPanzer DragoonParappa the Rapper, Pokemon YellowRiMEShenmueShadow of the ColossusShin Megami Tensei IVShin Megami Tensei: NocturneShadow DancerSin & Punishment: Star SuccessorStar Fox 64Tail ConcertoTales of Xillia 2, Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance HD, Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth By Sleep -A fragmentary passage, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep: Final Mix.

ETC, ETC, ETC, this could go on forever, but this is a decent amount of games to mention in this post, getting close to 2000 words so I’m satisfied. Ultimately, along with all of the new games releasing this year that I can invest time into, these are all of those games that I would gladly catch up on this year and possibly finish. Looking forward to the rest of the year and all the wonderful games that I’ll experience! Thanks for reading guys! 🙂


Favorite Things of 2017

My favorite things in 2017(Anything I consumed or finished for the first time this year):

Video Game: NieR: Automata – From the demo and the trailers I was already pulled in, Platinum behind one of my personal favorite video games Bayonetta, this cool android chick, and this insane director that was known for creating gripping stories for video games(NieR specifically) I knew I was in for a treat. I preordered it and bought NieR and Drakengard 3 as well, after catching a couple of the Super Best Friends Zaibatsu’s LP on the original NieR, I had to play it as well to catch up. That also included Clemps’ analysis videos on the entire Drakengard series, it was a wild ride and all that leading up to playing NieR: Automata and finishing it was one of the best video game experiences in my life. So moved by Yoko Taro’s style in storytelling and his innovative ideas for gaming I had to do a speech based around him in my speech course, that’s how much of an impact not only NieR: Automata had on me and Taro’s other games, but I know for sure it made an impact on gaming history in general. P.S. I even found heavy interest in taking a Philosophy course, thanks to this game and that kinda lead up to the next thing I’m gonna mention.

Honorable Mentions: Sonic Mania, Persona 5, Yakuza 0, Wild Guns: Reloaded, Nights into Dreams…, NieR, Drakengard 3, Mushihimesama, Cuphead, Gravity Rush Remastered, Hyper Light Drifter, The Guardian Legend, Kirby: Planet Robobot, Metroid: Samus Returns, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age.

Anime: Kino’s Journey – The good one, taking my Philosophy in Humanities course my curiosity for this series only grew. From the very beginning till the end it hit every mark I wanted from this type of series, an intriguing adventure with plenty of parallels to how the real-world can be, a cool female protag and just an interesting watch for an over thinker like me, who loves when a series dabbles into mature subject matter. Instantly hit my all-time favorites after finishing it, at number 19.

Honorable Mentions: My Hero Academia Season 2, Serial Experiments Lain, Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis, Otaku no Video, Konosuba, Castlevania.

Movie: Logan – From 2015 I started to grow very interested in Super Hero entertainment, I’ve always had an appreciation for super hero characters from Marvel and DC mainly, but I never felt inclined to get into the comics or animated series or movies, all thanks to the increase of Super Hero movies lately I think my interest for them became “Sky High”. I would have to thank One Punch-Man and My Hero Academia too for that as well, but here comes Logan the other R-rated film from Fox succeeding Deadpool which I loved a lot as well btw, and it ended up being quite the emotional roller coaster. I know the climax of Captain America: Civil War almost had me in tears, but man I was expecting me to get an emotional response from Logan, but I didn’t know I would end up whining like a baby about it. Logan’s ending scene gave me such a strong emotional reaction, not because I love Hugh Jackman as Wolverine or followed the X-Men movie series consistently, but how Wolverine was always one of my favorite Super Heroes, when I was younger and played Marvel vs. Capcom/X-Men Children of the Atom I would play with Wolverine, when I played Marvel Ultimate Alliance I would have Wolverine in my team, I’ve always loved his savage nature, gruff attitude and his character like most characters in Marvel had a strong lasting impression on me. The guy’s been a favorite of mine along with Spider-Man and seeing him struggle throughout the movie along with X-23 was a very hard pill to swallow, but had me engaged throughout.

Honorable Mentions: Coco, Thor: Ragnarok, Spider-Man: Homecoming, The King’s Speech, John Wick: Chapter 2.

Live-Action TV: Stranger Things – I haven’t finished this series just yet and I don’t watch much live-action TV series, but it’s nice to diversify what I invest my time into. So far, the series has been a captivating watch, the mystery, compelling characters and 80’s aesthetic made it very enjoyable to watch. My mom finished both seasons in the span of one day so clearly, she’s the better binge-watcher, I’m glad she enjoyed it a lot herself, but still this was the highlight for live-action TV series for me this year. Also, Dustin is mah boi!

Honorable Mention: Kamen Rider Gaim(That’s it, didn’t watch much of it tho lol)

Anime Movie: A Silent Voice – I started with the Manga at first, finished the one-shot, read a bit of the real deal, but felt that maybe I’ll just go with the Anime movie first. Throughout the movie it was weird, but there was like multiple moments that just had me tear up, I think the same thing happened when I watched the final Persona 3 movie, but that was it, it constantly hit me in the feels. The subject matter of atoning for your past mistakes really hit home on a personal level and the events that transpired were very real that it made it a little hard to watch, not that there aren’t any lighthearted moments in the movie to cheer you up. Of course, this movie’s ending hit me super hard, because as an introvert even I tend to have that mindset that the world doesn’t accept me and I’m closed off from others, but as long as I have people I can trust in the world, maybe I don’t have a good reason to feel that way and in fact no one should.

Honorable Mentions: Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust, Angel’s Egg, Millennium Actress, Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade.

Manga: High Score Girl – For a fan of video games this was a real treat and I gotta thank @Erik_The_Red for mentioning this in his favorite Mangaka post! ^^ I was not expecting to get so invested into the characters and the love triangle drama, they were very relatable, lovable(Oono is such a qt) and the drama was surprisingly well-written. I won’t deny that some moments in this Manga actually had me tear up and that also wasn’t expected, but with what I mentioned having this story being primarily focused on fucking gamers and hardcore ones at that was a treat, it really captured the vibes of the 90’s arcade/fighting game scene and although I did not grow up playing video games in the 90’s as I am an early 2000’s gamer, it was very enjoyable to see all of the references to some of my favorite arcade games and fighting game franchises. Hell, Rensuke Oshikiri was passionate enough to actually dig deeper into the process of playing a fighting game/arcade game with the MC, Haruo’s mind-games with his rival/could-be lover Oono and his art actually portraying the respective games accurately, so I respected that he actually knows his stuff. Plus, I just want to see Haruo and Oono together more so bad, it’s a shame that it’s an on-going Manga, because I loved it so much! It really captures love in a cute way and the life of gamers very accurately and I loved that a lot about it, easily one of my favs, but I’ll admit the art left more to be desired, though the more I read it the more I began to appreciate it a lot more.

Honorable Mentions: Holyland(Could have finished this one…), Sundome, Dorohedoro, Prison School, Kabu no Isaki, Put on my princess shoes.

So that was my favorite things of the year overall and man was it a great one! Not being able to find a job was probably the worst part of the year for me, since I really tried hard to get somewhere to no luck, but you know what? Spending most of the year at home playing video games and stuff, taking classes, spending time with family, friends and you guys on Kitsu, made my year the best it really could have been, even when I had those depressive times. I know this was a super long ass post, but I really wanted to share how much I enjoyed the year with what I consumed and I remember promising some posts, and even starting so many blog posts that I never got to finish, but being able to see this post through in two days means enough for me. Happy New Year guys, please treat yourself, keeping being the weebs/the cool people you are and once again thanks for making my year a lot better! ❤️

Sonic Forces Review/Thoughts


Finished Sonic Forces and as my first experience with the final version of the game, in the end it’s a 7.5/10 for me. Not amazing, not horrible, just average to decent at best and this is coming from an optimistic veteran Sonic fan. Idk if Sonic Forces would even be a good starting point in the series, since its level designs are mostly hit or miss and there’s a ton of automation in the levels, it’s kinda like an interactive movie tbh and less like a video game in terms of finishing the game regularly, as I haven’t played the game enough outside of the story to consider it otherwise. Sonic Forces appeals to the fans and it really did its job for the most part, giving us the option to create our own avatar and experience the game’s war drama style story with our own character that we can place ourselves into(In my case a Wolf hehe). There was plenty of awesome moments, times where I laughed my ass off(especially with Infinite’s portrayal he’s pretty great) and the writing, especially for the dialogue was actually pretty nice.

Infinite Gif

The plot itself isn’t really amazing, for Sonic standards tho it’s at least one of the best up there with Sonic Adventure, Adventure 2, Unleashed and Black Knight, it was written fairly well for one and I was pleasantly intrigued by it, especially in the Episode Shadow DLC. I think it kinda falls flat by the third act tho and I believe this was mainly the problem when it came to the execution of the boss battles, all of them weren’t exactly the best and are repetitive af, you dodge shit, you boost into stuff and you just hit them over and over with an homing attack. There’s a couple of bosses that I found to be pretty awesome and at least enjoyable(One Infinite boss in particular I thought was pretty cool), but the final boss especially was just underwhelming especially in execution it just wasn’t much fun and it’s probably because of how automated and stiff it felt in the final phase of the battle at least. Overall, Sonic Forces is a game that I enjoyed, but I’m severely disappointed in the execution of all the awesome ideas that was incorporated into the game and I’m serious, I’m not saying this out of hate for Sonic, because I even have my guilty pleasure Sonic games like Sonic 06 and Shadow the Hedgehog, but a game we waited four years for and it doesn’t exactly show in the general design of the game. I was skeptically optimistic about Sonic Forces, since there was the level design beforehand that I was especially worried about and playing the game for the most part the level designs really don’t live up to the standards defined by Colors, Generations and Unleashed, Sonic Forces is easily the worst out of the boost formula games. That won’t stop me from enjoying these levels again tho and at least exploring my favorites to get a better feel for them, and with all of the avatar customization and extra content, I’m still compelled to continue playing the game, buy it if you’re a fan, but lower your expectations, disappointment awaits…