Sonic the Hedgehog 26th Birthday Appreciation

As you guys may know I’m a Sonic fan through and through and there’s nothing that will get rid of that, despite the many times the series gets bad to mediocre titles once in a while. I’ve never gave up on the blue dude, ever since I was a kid I was into the cartoons and games. Sonic was the definition of 90’s cool and seeing his mannerisms, hearing his one-liners has always made a lasting impression on me, it was nothing I’ve seen much from other series or media. Sonic is my hero and honestly a big role model for me, he’s my all-time favorite fictional character after all(Edward Elric is up there of course). The ability of super speed was always a thing I was fascinated by, having the ability to go fast excites me and running is a thing I especially enjoy doing(Track would have been a good extracurricular activity for me, but I was such a geeky introvert).

Sonic may have a short temper, might be impatient, he is cocky and so full of himself, but underneath that exterior he’s a very kind guy who dearly cares for his world, the people and his friends. He never gives up a challenge, always seeks the thrill of adventure and his carefree spirit has been aspects of Sonic that I admire! I won’t get into too much detail, but I’ve been following the Sonic series since the early 2000’s with Sonic Advance/Sonic 2 and Sonic Adventure, and to be honest I’ve never gotten disinterested in the series. There’s a charm that just appeals to me and the games are just legit fun, the series is a favorite of mine and I will continue supporting it, because there’s nothing like keeping up with your beloved childhood series and reliving those fond memories in new and exciting ways! Happy 26th Birthday Sonic!

Here’s my Sonic collection btw:

Sonic Collection 2017

Sonic Collection 2017 Leftovers


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